A few months ago asbestos was found in Lisinksi. Lisinski is Zagreb's one and only concert hall, so performances will have to be relocated for as long as the removal of asbestos will last. The famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, for example, will now (today) play in Dom sportova (House of Sports), an indoor sporting arena. This concrete bunker seems a weird choice for a renowned orchestra that is used to playing in lavishly decorated concert halls around the world, but this is all Zagreb has to offer.
Lisinski itself is a particular building too. When I saw it for the first time, I'd swear it was an indoor swimming pool.
It looks a lot better from inside, though gravely brown colours dominate, and the acoustics are fine. It is hoped that Lisinksi will be back in operation by October 16. Fortunately, Croats showed some irony regarding the asbestos in Lisinki. Quite rare, and therefore refreshing.