Let love live - homosexuals in Croatia

Life is not easy for gays and lesbians in Croatia, as the almighty Catholic church is one of their principle enemies. Croatian bishops recently asked people to sign a petition against rights for homosexuals and against abortion. One signer explained why he put his signature under the petition: "Gays are not only annoying, it goes without saying that they are weird".
The church and minorities (ethnic, sexual or else) in Croatia - an awkward relationship.
Kontra, an organization for lesbians and Iskorak, a center for the promotion of equal rights for sexual minorities, started a campaign for more rights and less discrimination. Posters like the one above will be hung all over Zagreb, Osijek, Split and Dubrovnik. One of their wishes is the possibility of same sex marriages.
I keep my fingers crossed, but I am very pessimistic. If you want to know how tragic things can be in Croatia, please read this article (in English) about a girl who received a mental treatment for five years after she had told her parents she was lesbian.

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