Croatian Crescent's summer vacation

This is my 100th post on this blog. Time for a beer and a break. I'm going on vacation for two weeks.
I have never had more visitors than the last two days, but almost none of them showed interest for the advertisements on this weblog. I can't even fill up my rent-a-car tank with the money that Google Adsense owes me.
The Croatian Tourist Organization wants us spend our holidays in Croatia. With this spot they are trying to seduce us to get sunburned on the Adriatic coast instead of the Canary Islands, Ibiza or Turkey.
It says: Kad srce kaže ljeto, kaže Hrvatska. Tako lijepo, tako naša (When the heart says summer, it says Croatia. So beautiful, so ours.) There is also a Serbian version: Kad srce kaže leto, kaže Jadran. Jadran means Adriatic, a more neutral term than "Croatia" to appease the Serbs?
Croatia is not mine, but it is for sure beautiful and a great destination to spend your summer vacation. Vidimo se.

2 reacties:

beppe said...

have a nice holiday and don't beer too much beer! ;)
cujemo se!

RGT said...

But in fact, most of the tourist will go in France... like every year full of tourists.
Nadam se doci na hrvatska!