Black chronicle

Whether it is unique to newspapers in this region or a more widespread phenomenon, I don't know, but it was new to me: the Crna kronika (black chronicle) section in newspapers where you can read all about murder, rape, corruption, accidents and other evils. An absolute low is 24Sata, a daily that doesn't deserve the name newspaper. But also a more serious - though not too serious - paper like Jutarnji list can't do without a daily portion of human misery. I wish Croatian newspapers focused a bit more on other things. You would say that since Croatia is a small country many important events happen outside its borders, but these miraculously fit on either one or two pages. Well, in der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister, let's see it that way.
The obsession of Croats with the dark side of life can also be seen on the news on television. Dead people, either shot like Ivo Pukanić or smashed in a car accident, are shown without much regard for the family. Maybe the war made the media and viewers numb but some consideration for the post-war generation wouldn't do anybody harm.

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Anonymous said...

There's a long tradition as much as I can remember of 'black chronicle', in Večernji list. Other newspapers picked up. Jutarnji exists just for 11 years or so!

As for 'regard for the family', there are no such considerations here, it's not a shame to be dead. It will not be an insult to the family. In these parts of the world, always think about family honor and such things. Individual feelings are depreciated here.