Metallica's single "The days that never comes" ranks high in the Croatian charts. In the video clip some kind of car plays a prominent role, especially in the last three minutes, which are rarely shown on TV as the clip is consider too long. The car is a Zastava, sold outside Yugoslavia under the name Yugo.
Yugo's frequently appear in movies and almost by default the leave the owner in the lurch. This week the opposite happened: Zastava gave up on its car and sold most of the equipment to Fiat. However, it's maybe not the total end for Zastava. Some African countries seem interested in buying the technology.
The band Zabranjeno Pušenje wrote a great song about the "Jugo 45", a symbol of Yugoslav unity. Though the car has almost disappeared from the streets in Croatia, the band and the song are still very popular. In the clip you see the breakup of Yugoslavia, both on the political level and in a small, mixed community. As a matter of fact, the song dates from 1999, the very year that NATO reduced much the Zastava industry (also an arms manufacturer) to rubble.
Ironically, neither Zabranjeno Pušenje made it through the war without casualties (figuratively speaking) as a Serbian member left the band.

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