How Sanader stole Christmas

Croatia has a budget deficit, a trade deficit and a huge foreign debt (33 billion euro's in 2007). The debts grow year by year, and Croatia's population shrinks year by year. A disaster in the making. The unsound financial situation means that Croatia is an easy victim of the international financial crisis. Therefore, prime minister Sanader announced that the government will tighten the belt. All Christmas lunches, presents and bonuses for government officials and state owned companies were cancelled.
You would expect public support for this move, but no. Instead, Sanader was portrayed in the media and on the internet as the man who stole Christmas. The government's public relations office thought this bad for Sanader's image and announced that the government "did not ban children's gifts and Christmas bonuses". It added that "internet portals and message boards depicted the government's clear and unambiguous decision falsely and tendentiously".
I am sure the public relations office is right, although the office seems to employ people steeped in communist rhetoric.

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