Boycott of Slovenian products

I read in the newspapers that Croats on the internet call for a boycott of Slovenian products to revenge for the Slovenian blockade of Croatia's negotiations with the European Union. I didn't know at first where on "the internet" the boycott is being promoted. Papers here are not very strong in listing their sources.
After a bit of searching I found the Facebook community "BOJKOT Slovenskih proizvoda", which has almost 19.000 members. There is a website too.
No need to say that I did not join the Facebook community. Boycotts are not only stupid and ineffective, but also show that some Croats can't make a distinction between Slovenian politicians on the one hand and Slovenian manufacturers that make better products than Croats on the other hand. I bet almost all 19.000 "BOJKOT Slovenskih proizvoda" members wash their dirty laundry with a Gorenje washing machine and fix a meal on a Gorenje cookers.
Croatian prime minister Sanader said that a boycott is unacceptable and added generously that Croatia will not behave towards Serbia as Slovenia does towards Croatia. Political analist Davor Gjenero observed wittily that Milošević was the first to boycott Slovenian products and "we know how that ended".

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