Smoking on the train

Croatia is gradually imposing a ban on smoking in public places. Smoking was recently outlawed in educational and health institutions and Croatian Railways announced yesterday that you are no longer allowed to lit up a cigarette in waiting rooms and trains. Smokers are even banned from dining cars, although I have never seen a dining car on a Croatian train. Even worse, there are no trolleys to serve coffee or sweets. Believe me, spending half a day in an old, painfully slow train to Budapest, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Munich or Venice is so much harder if you can't get your dose of caffeine. And now smokers are also denied their nicotine dose.
If you break the rule and smoke, you will be fined 100 kuna. A 1000 kuna fine is in preparation, which means that we won't hear about it for a long time to come. If the enforcement of the ban on using a mobile phone in cars learns us anything at all, it is: do as you like.

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