Dubrovnik under fire

The siege of Dubrovnik ranks high on the list of senseless acts of war. The people of Dubrovnik commemorated yesterday that the Yugoslav National Army shelled the old town on 6 December 1991, St. Nicholas Day. Dubrovnik had been under fire for months already, but that day saw the worst shelling.
Some 2000 projectiles were fired at the "pearl of the Adriatic" of which 500 hit the old town that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 19 people were killed.
A material victim of the shelling was the cable car to the top of the Srđ mountain, from where you have a fantastic view over Dubrovnik. Whereas nearly all material damage in the old town has been repaired, the cable car is still out of order. I visited Srđ a few months ago and was wondering why the cable car was not put back in operation. I was sure the many tourists in Dubrovnik would turn it into a profitable investment.
I did not know then that a real estate company had decided to rebuild the cable car to the top of Srđ mountain. If everything goes smoothly, the first tourists might be transported in 2010.
Zagreb's cable car to Sljeme, the top of the Medvednica mountain, is still out of order. We were promised a state-of-the-art cable car, but for years nothing concrete has happened. Zagreb boasts that it is becoming a hot tourist destination, but it hardly does anyting to attracts more visitors.

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