Comrade Tito and king Boudewijn

A short post in the "weird stories" category. Belgium queen Fabiola received a threatening letter, written in bad French, that accuses her of having poisened her (late) husband king Boudewijn (Baudouin for Francophones). Her motive was her husband's sexual affair with Tito in the marshal's basement in Belgrade. The author of the letter claims to have pictures of Tito and Boudewijn doing what they did and predicts that Fabiola will be shot dead on 21 June with a crossbow. The story sounds too crazy to be true, although monarchs are capable of doing incredible things.
On Brijuni, a group of beautiful islands off the Istrian coast, not far from Pula, I saw many images of Tito meeting with world leaders, kings and queens. There is, among many other things, a museum dedicated to Tito and a zoo where gifts (elephants, zebra's) from foreign guests have long outlived their masters. I took a photo of Tito prudishly shaking hands with Dutch queen Juliana, the two being watched by Juliana's husband Bernard, himself a notorious womanizer.

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