Wolfram Alpha reduces Croatia

It is clear now: the Brits have started a war against Croatia. After negative reports and articles, the Brit Stephen Wolfram (the guy behind search engine Wolfram Alpha) tries to rewrite Croatian history and enlarge Slovenia at the expense of Croatia. Take a look at Wolfram's map of Croatia.
You will notice that Slovenia gained the northern part of Istria and in that way secured its access to international waters. And who was president of Croatia in 1994? Franjo, sorry, dr. Franjo Tuđman, you would say. But no! It's Milan Martić, according to Wolfram. A četnik! (says Večernji list).
To stop Wolfram from further tarnishing Croatia, I invite you to report any (deliberate? malicious?) mistakes and any information that might reveal this Great British-Slovenian-Serbian-German conspiracy. German? Yes. Look at the far East of Croatia and find out that some Croatian territory (around Ilok) was rendered to Serbia. The village of Nijemci was always safely in Croatian territory, but it now dangerously close to the Serbian border. Nijemci is Croatian for "Germans". And guess what? Stephen Wolfram's parents were German Jews. I expect the village will soon be spelled "Nemci".

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