No more smoking

From tomorrow onwards, smoking in public places in Croatia is forbidden. Bars and pubs are considered public places, which means no more cigarettes while sipping your morning coffee. Personally, I think coffee shops are private businesses and therefore the owner should decide does he allow guests to smoke or not. However, being a non-smoker, I do hate the stench of smoky clothes after a beer with friends, so I am willing to compromise my principles. Non-smoking bars don't exist here, so basically you had the choice to get smoked or drink at home.
Smokers will face heavy fines (1000 kuna). If the waiter in the restaurant or cafe didn't urge the smoker to put out the cigarette, he will have to pay up to 15.000 kuna, and the owner of the place up to 150.000 kuna. That's more than 20.000 euro. I don't see that happening. Both smoking and breaking the rules are a way of life here, but let's be optimistic for a change. Only when winter starts again and we'll be forced to drink inside I'll have the opportunity to smell if the law is effective.

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Hi Boris, I hope to get in touch, maybe you remember me, used to make Is your mailadres somewhere on this site? Are you in Zagreb currently? Marloes

Boris Levalle said...

Hi Marloes,
I sure remember you. I just sent you an e-mail. Hope to hear from you, Boris