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I recently installed Google Analytics on my weblog and decided to share some data with you. Or rather, data about you if you are a regular reader of this blog. By the way, I have absolutely no idea who's actually following this blog. I secretly hope I have a small but faithful group of readers, but so far this blog is basically one-way traffic. That sounds better than saying I wish for more comments. Anyway, feel free to unburden your soul. Most of you live in these countries.
Slightly over 80 percent of you use a Windows operating system. Only 1 out of 20 use Linux, and I suspect that's me (Ubuntu 9.04). The top 10 of search terms shows an interesting mix of personalities: two dead people and a sex bomb. I am not sure should I cry of laugh about this. If I want to get rich from the adds on this site, I'd better devote the entire blog to Nives Celzijus. I do understand now why entertainment, sex and showbiz dominate the front pages of newspapers here (Jutarnji list, Večernji list, not to mention 24Sata). It sells. As a Croat you need to read Serbian newspapers (Danas) or magazines (Vreme, NIN) if you refuse to pay a euro for a lot of garbage and a bit of real news.
Other interesting search terms are "sushi" and "IKEA". You can eat sushi in two restaurants in Zagreb: Takenoko and Sora. Sora is located on the top floor of the "skycraper" on Zagreb's main square. It offers a fantastic view over Zagreb. The food is so-so (I got a deep fried sushi - a culinary novelty), but very expensive. I'd rather go to the local wok restaurant, if Zagreb had one...
For IKEA you still need to go to Graz. The good thing is you can get a VAT tax refund and an unforgettable experience.

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fabian said...

I am reading your blog, I even put a link on my website to your blog !
Here the link where I linked to you !

Interesting blogs your wote, keeps me informed about HR and Belgradoblog about SRB ;-)
Have a nice day,

Boris Levalle said...

Thanks. As you can see I returned the favour. Pozdrav

fabian said...

Hvala ! Now on my website and my blog a link to yours ;-) nema problema !
Laku nok !
Pozdrav from 's-hertogenbosch (NL)