Free tram rides in Zagreb (2)

I don't dare to say there is a causal relationship, but after my previous post about riding the tram for free in Zagreb, ZET decided to extend the "free tram zone" to Kvatrić.
Kvatrić is of no interest to tourists, unless you are interested in urban planning failures and want to wonder how Zagreb's mayor Milan Bandić could ever brag that Kvatrić would turn into "Zagreb's most beautiful square". In fact it turned into a no man's land with inadequate public transportation. Someone should tell him that a square is more than just an empty space surrounded by buildings.
I don't know who lives around Kvatrić, but they seem to love watching television.I ask myself if someone will bother to remove this antenna jungle when Croatia switches to digital broadcasting in 2011.
Kvatrić, by the way, is short for Kvaternikov trg, named after Eugen Kvaternik (1825-1871), a politician and co-founder of the Croatian Party of Rights. Kvaternik led a unsuccessful rebellion against Austrian rule in Croatia in 1871. Some of his offspring would hold important positions in the fascist Independent State of Croatia, a Nazi puppet state.

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