Crime numbers

There has been a lot of talk lately about crime and corruption in Croatia. Corruption statistics are hard to get by, as the nature of corruption doesn't encourage people to talk about it. Concerning crime, I found the following data on the HRT website, under the title: "Foreigners are not only victims".
Compared to 2005 the number of criminal acts of which foreigners were victim fell from 4630 to 3481 last year. From 2773 something got stolen, 52 foreigners got severely injured, 45 were threatened, and 30 got robbed. There were two cases of rape and ten murders.
Many foreigners lose their lives in road accidents, last year 64 of them. 267 strangers got injured, which is twenty percent less than in 2007.
3025 foreigners were involved in criminal acts, mostly related to drugs (1282), eluding the customs control (582), theft (239) and falsification of documents (222). Ten were denounced to the police for murder, 29 for inflicting severe injuries and another ten for rape.
The only thing that surprises me is the number of murders (10), both committed by and inflicted upon foreigners. That is quite a lot. The number is not broken down by nationality, so it might be that most of them of Serbs and Bosnians (and they are generally not tourists), I don't know.

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