Meštrović's relief damaged in Zagreb

In an earlier post I wrote about the sculptor Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962), one of Croatia's most famous artists. "Zagreb isn't exactly a top destination for art lovers," I wrote then, "so it is a pity that it neglects its greatest artist. After all, Meštrović is omnipresent in Zagreb."
Maybe his omnipresence has led to neglect. Otherwise, how can you explain that a construction company, in order to provide support for the scaffolding, made holes in Meštrović relief?
The scaffolding was put up for a huge advertising banner. After it was removed, the construction company provisionally filled the holes in the relief with some substance and painted over some parts, pretending there was no damage at all. In the end the truth was revealed.
The relief was put up in 1907, some 30 meters above street level on the facade of a rather ugly building overlooking Zagreb's main square, Trg bana Jelačića. Not much is known about the work, except that is is popularly called "Seljaci" (Peasants) and made of ceramics. It was Meštrović first public work in Zagreb and as there is no model of it, restoration will be difficult.

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flaneurMike said...

great posting about the sculptor albeit what a mess with the damaging of his relief.
never been to Croatia sadly. Great grandparents of mine (via my Mom) were all the children of immigrants from Vrboska, Hvar.
only recently have their descendants started to look at our Croatian history and the culture.
great posts! thanks again

Boris Levalle said...

Thanks for your comment. Hvar and Brač were major exporters of people. It's interesting to hear what happened to the people that went overseas. These years many South-Americans with roots in Hvar or Brač come to Croatia, for a language course or just as tourists. I can recommend you a visit to Hvar: it has on average the most sun hours of Croatia and some charming towns.