Napolitanke, or about heroes and losers

Each nation has its peculiarities, habits and preferences that are sometimes unexplainable to foreigners. The culinary field is no exeption. As far as Croatia is concerned, I never quite understood why Croats love bananko, an artificially banana-flavored sweet, coated in chocolate. Its taste is, in one word, terrible.
Much of Croatia's chocolate and sweets are made by Kraš, a company with a indestructible positive image in the whole of former Yugoslavia. According to Kraš's website: Chocolate-coated banana, BANANKO, is a hit with the youngest consumers, though the adults cannot resist it either. Kraš's Bananko is the leading product within the category of foam candy bars on the Croatian market. According to the consumers' opinion, Bananko's key to success lies in the "magical combination of a soft banana-flavoured foam centre, covered with the traditional Kraš chocolate".
Other famous Kraš products are Ki-Ki, Bajadera and Dorina. If you want to know what's hiding behind these names, you can find the details in English on their site. That site speaks well for Kraš, as it in rather exceptional for Croatian companies to offer English information.
Kraš does export some of it products tot non-Yugoslav countries, but it has never reached the status of, say, Nestle, Lindt or Van Melle.
That might change, as somebody spotted a box of Napolitanke (cookies) in a scene from "Heroes", a SF-series. He or she put it on Facebook, and then the "news" found its way to every self-respecting newspaper. Have a look here for the crucial scene, in photo and video.
I could be very negative about this manifestation of provincialism and small-mindedness. But I won't. I am sincerely happy that a box of Croatian cookies found there way to an American series, even if only for a few seconds. Congratulations! Way to go! Next time, if someone spots a Croatian product, inform me.
If you live outside of Croatia (probably) and you know nothing about Croatian products (certainly), take a look at this website, although it's actually aimed at Croatian consumers who want to avoid buying foreign products.
Own products first!
Unless you live outside of Croatia. In that case: Croatian products first!
And please come for holidays to Croatia to spend your euros and dollars, because only strangers and Serbs can save the tourist season.

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Boris Levalle said...

The slogan "Samo Srbin sezonu spašava" (only Serbs save the season) used in the article I linked to, is a variant of the famous Serb motto "Samo sloga Srbina spašava" (only united saves the Serbs) as Croatia want to draw more Serbian tourists to combat the economic recession.

ghostwheel03 said...

they are good! they have less fat and more sugar than typical american cookies.

Anonymous said...

Bajadera & Griotte in Scrubs (Season 5, episode 20)