Croatian parties and European elections

Political parties in Europe are warming up for the European elections in June. Using EU Profiler you can inform yourself about parties and their stances on several issues. Croats are not eligible to vote, but they can nevertheless use EU Profiler to find out what Croatian parties think of many (European) issues.
I answered 30 questions and got to know where I stand in the Croatian political landscape. Quite interesting, as electronic tools like EU Profiler are a novelty in Croatia.
I did not know terribly much about the European profile of Croatian political parties, so the score above is an honest, non-biased reflection of my choices. As an uncompromising free market and free trade liberal I am a bit surprised by the this left-leaning outcome (IDS and SDP). I suspect my strong anti-clerical attitude is responsible for that. You can, by the way, juxtapose your answers and the opinions of the political parties.

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