Anti-gay demonstration

In 1861 a man called Ante Starčević founded the political party Hrvatska Stranka Prava (Party of Croatian Rights). The HSP's virulent nationalism was not only directed against Vienna and Budapest, but also against the Slav brothers of the Croats - Serbs. Starčević considered Serbs at best as a lower and dirty race. By the end of the nineteenth century, some considered the HSP not radical enough and founded the HČSP. "Č" stands for "čista", pure. Starčević died in 1895 and was proclaimed "father of the nation". His statue stands right opposite of Zagreb's main railway station (Glavni kolodvor).
After the genocidal campaign against Serbs and Jews (in which some HSP members eagerly participated) during World War II and the subsequent victory of the communists, political parties were forbidden. In the 1990s many parties reappeared on the political scene, and so did HSP and HČSP.
Fortunately, HČSP is a marginal political phenomenon, but modern technology enables them to spread their hatred against others via the internet. Through Facebook, for example, they invite people to come to Trg bana Josipa Jelačića (Zagreb's main square) to demonstrate against gays, on 13 June at 15.00 hours. Josip Miljak, HČSP president, said: "It is intolerable that a handful of disoriented and immoral people terrorize and impose their deformed way of life on others". He referred to the Zagreb Gay Pride which will be held on the same day.
I find it quite sad that Miljak and his gang of purists will occupy Zagreb's main square. On the other hand, it's good to know which people here prevent Croatia from becoming a normal country.

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