Buy one, get more

Enough about politics, it's time for a culinary event: cleaning fish. Don't read or scroll down if you can't stand bloody pictures.
First a general observation. Buy one, get two. Buy two, get three. Supermarkets in Western Europe try to attract customers that way, but it is unheard of in Croatia. Only recently supermarkets started to discount certain products. In pubs it is not uncommon to see on the menu:

Karlovačko 15 kuna (0,5 liter)
Karlovačko 30 kuna (1 liter)

I thought the capitalist mentality is inborn, but some nations apparently don't have a knack for trade. Perhaps half a century of communism is enough to damage the fragment of DNA that is responsible for commerce. Karlovačko, by the way, is a beer.
I went to Dolac, Zagreb's central market, this morning to get fish. In the ribarnica (an indoor fish market that unfortunately lacks any Mediterranean ambiance) I bought this well size mackerel (40 centimeters) for only 18 kuna.

When home, I sliced it open and saw I got more fish than I had expected. The mackerel, when caught, was actually half way swallowing a smaller fish, so I could tell from the little fish tail sticking out of the mackerel's mouth. In it stomach I found remains of an earlier meal. A bit gross, but the mackerel itself was, in a word, super fresh. I could have made sashimi with it. Bit of soy sauce, bit of wasabi.... delicious!

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Anonymous said...

this is a digusting story and besides that i don't believe one word of it: a fish inside a fish? The picture is very unclear so that's no proof either.

Boris Levalle said...

It can't help it, but it's true. Later I want to show the dish we prepared and then I'll also re-upload one of the images above in high resolution, so you can zoom in and check the details if you like.
My girlfriend actually pulled out a small fish from the mackerel's mouth after we fried it. As I said, rather gross, but if you can't stand that you should obtain fish filets from a supermarket: nothing left to remind you of a fish.
By the way, there's nothing strange about fish eating fish. It not only plankton eating whales that live in the ocean.