Border blockade

A group of thirty Croatian farmers have blocked a border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia at the village of Slavonski Šamac. They will keep blocking the border until "Zagreb" produces an agreement that makes "farming profitable again".

In Zagreb, meanwhile, vice prime minister Jadranka Kosor and Economics minister Damir Polančec are negotiating with the farmers. They refuse to talk to Božidar Pankretić, the minister of Agriculure, whom they seem to regard more a problem than part of a solution.

I went to the Ministry of Agriculture this morning to see what's happening. Well, not so much. People were sitting on the grass, having a drink, chatting and waiting. Police was massively present, but everything looked relaxed. The times of Matija Gubec, the legendary leader of a famous peasant revolt, are long gone.
Update: Famers and the government made a deal. They agreed upon a purchase price of 2,20 kuna (30 eurocents) for a liter of milk. Also the import of milk in milk products will be forbidden. I am not sure how that works in practice, but I doubt Milka chocolate will disappear from the shelves.

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