Dubrovnik last minute

Yesterday I wrote about the competition Dubrovnik faces from Montenegro. The bigger problem, of course, is the world wide economic crisis. Dubrovnik's tourist sector saw a 20 to 30 percent fall in business. To counter this downward trend, Dubrovnik mayor Andro Vlahušić said two million kuna would be set apart to finance a management body that will deal with Dubrovnik as a tourist destination. Let's hope this awkward management new speak will deliver.
Vlahušić added: "We have to see whether Dubrovnik can collectively organize a last minute offer. We are not talking about low cost, but about last minute". That would be a revolution in economics. Where's the financial reward for the tourist who books a last minute trip to Dubrovnik?

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Budva_office said...

Very good post. I accidentally discovered your blog and read many of your past posts, and I like the possibility to follow news from Dubrovnik and rest of Croatia.

Friendly greetings from Montenegro.

Boris Levalle said...

Thanks for your friendly comment. I am happy to have expanded my readership to Montenegro :-)