Bird's view

A service to the poor bastards who are so unlucky to live anywhere but on the Croatian coast. Croatia Airlines lowered the prices of selected domestic flights. If you choose an early or late flight, you can fly from Zagreb to Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik for a price much lower than if you go by car. Zagreb-Dubrovnik by car is a lengthy (at least 9 hours of driving) and expensive trip: 187 kuna toll for the highway up to Ravča/Vrgorac, not to mention fuel costs.
Google Maps incorrectly still thinks the highway doesn't go further south than Šestanovac. A 45 minute flight Zagreb-Dubrovnik should cost no more than 300 kuna if you book a last minute or far in advance. Dubrovnik's famous city walls welcomed 9 percent less visitors in the first five months of 2009 than in the same period last year, so hajde!.
Annually 800.000 tourists walk on the thick walls, resisting the temptation to jump in the Adriatic. Some dare devils do jump, though from the rocks right below the walls.

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