Frightening numbers

Browse the morning papers and news sites for a week and you will find numbers about anything. A short selection of this week's offer:
Every single day 65 Croats find out they have cancer. Daily 35 die from malignant diseases.
Annually 1000 qualified scientists leave Croatia to continue their career abroad. Almost 9000 Croats a year migrate to an EU country to seek a better life. 1 on every 14 Croats lives in an EU country.
In 2008 127 motorcyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents. Nearly half of them did not wear a helmet. The total number of people killed in traffic in 2008 is 664. In the UK less than 3000 died per year in traffic, although the UK's population is 13 times larger than Croatia's.
The minimum wage in Croatia is 2.814 kuna. That is some 380 euro per month. Pensioners need to survive with even less. The average pension is 2.169 (slightly less than 300 euro). However, 1 out of 3 pensioners receive only 120 euro or less per month.
The average Croat eats only 8 kilo of fish per year. Only Irish, Germans and Hungarians eat less fish. Other Mediterranean nations eat a lot more: 44 kilo in Spain, 33 in France and 24 in Italy.

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